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the common problem in Low pressure casting process

Low pressure casting is widely used in metal processing, play a huge role in the modernization of our industry, along with the low-pressure casting widely used in our country, it brings disadvantages also will be exposed.

the common problem in Low pressure casting process
First, the oxide slag
Oxidation occurs slag are generally unclean because of the charge, or in the use of the process, too many times use of the charge, there is a reason the low-pressure casting process can also lead to oxidation slag, that is casting system bad design, in the filling when set up properly.
Second, porosity, shrinkage
Stomatal problem is most common in the low-pressure casting process, it appears generally due to poor exhaust mold tool caused bad mold spray coating systems, improper cooling ring settings, can also lead to porosity, shrinkage of production.
Third, crack
Low pressure casting process, cracks are very common, mold design unreasonable, sharp corners, the walls have differences in the extent of the Metropolitan Bohou cause cracks phenomenon, in order to eradicate the phenomenon of crack, improve the structural design of the mold is inevitable The choice, only reasonable mold design, solutions to problems have help.
Low pressure casting technology in our process in use is widespread, with the development of technology, in which the disadvantages are also increasingly apparent, we only analyze the root causes of the problems, in order to better solve the problem.



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