Sand Casting foundry and CNC shop in China

Quality Control/Engineering Analysis

An Engineered Approach to Predict Positive Results
Engineers in BerDom can design three-dimensional solid models in Solid Edge CAD. Also used is Worknc CAD/CAM software. All popular CAD exchange file types are accepted: IGES, STEP, X_T, DXF, DWG and PRT.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software allows visualization of the effects of design decisions.
This system reliably predicts porosity, estimates of nodule counts, the flow of metal in molds, thermal data and more.
Using CADDS5™ from Computer vision and Pro-E Wildfire, engineers can create three-dimensional models of the part before patterns are produced on a five-axis NC router. Our technologies provides everything needed to achieve the highest quality product in the shortest time frame possible, all at the lowest cost.

Using CADDS5™ from Computer vision and Pro-E Wildfire

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