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Casting parts deformation and Prevention

Casting deformation occurs, which is the result of casting stress. Stress generated in the cooling process of the casting casting such as more than alloy in the temperature the yield strength, residual deformation, such as more than tensile strength, crack formation; such as in elastic strength, residual stress, may change the design strength, even the cast parts in storage or use of distortion or crack.

Casting parts deformation and Prevention
Casting deformation can be corrected in general. A machine that can be used to correct the plastic or plastic materials, such as steel, nonferrous metals, and some ductile iron, and even some gray cast iron. The casting of all kinds of materials can be used for heating methods or in the process of heat treatment.
Casting deformation should be avoided as far as possible, casting stress should be eliminated as far as possible. In actual production, in addition to making the casting structure reasonable, and try to make the casting stress smaller. Sometimes the anti deformation measures are used to control and adjust the shape of the manufacturing. The methods of natural aging and artificial aging for casting residual stress



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